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Colonnata: a sensory experience among marble quarries, marble basins and the excellence of Lardo!

Imagine a picturesque village, perched on the Apuan Alps, where the thousand-year history of marble quarrying is intertwined with the sublime taste of Lardo di Colonnata IGP. A place where the pure white of the quarries contrasts with the deep green of nature, creating a landscape of rare beauty.

Colonnata is not just a village, it is a complete sensory experience. A journey to discover unique flavors and aromas, where the taste of Lardo, soft and creamy, is enhanced when paired with Tuscan white wines.

Be captivated by the striking marble quarries, a veritable open-air museum where Michelangelo himself found inspiration for his works of art. Explore artisan workshops and discover the secrets of marble working, an art passed down from generation to generation.

Get lost in the village’s cobblestone alleys, admire the stone houses and breathe in the authentic atmosphere of a place out of time. Take a break in one of the typical restaurants and taste Lardo di Colonnata in all its variations-a true feast for the palate.

A key element in the curing of Lardo di Colonnata is the marble basins. These ancient vessels, carved from a single block of marble, create an ideal microclimate for curing lard, giving it an unmistakable flavor and aroma.

Visit the Lardo production workshops and witness the curing process inside the marble basins. A unique experience to learn the secrets of this product of excellence.

Colonnata is an ideal destination for lovers of taste, culture and nature. A village to be experienced with all the senses, where the charm of history blends with the beauty of the landscape and gastronomic excellence.

What are you waiting for? Come and discover Colonnata and be conquered!

Fosdinovo Castle: a plunge into history between mystery and legend!

On the hills of Lunigiana, nestled in a landscape of rare beauty, stands the Castle of Fosdinovo, a thousand-year-old fortress that dominates the valley. A place full of charm and mystery, where history is intertwined with legend.

The mighty walls of the castle, erected in the 12th century by the Malaspina family, tell of a past of battles and intrigue. Strolling among the ramparts and towers, you can feel the atmosphere of an ancient time when the castle was a center of power and culture.

But Fosdinovo Castle is also famous for its legend: the story of the ghost of Bianca Maria Aloisia, known as the “White Lady.” The story goes that the young noblewoman, betrothed to a man she did not love, was killed by her father for betraying his promise. Since then, her ghost would roam the rooms of the castle, dressed in white and holding a lamp.

An aura of mystery surrounds the castle, fueled by strange phenomena and apparitions that have occurred over the centuries. To visit the castle is to immerse oneself in this evocative atmosphere of thrills and fascination.

In addition to mystery, Fosdinovo Castle offers:

  • A museum with works of art and historical artifacts
  • A park with panoramic views of the valley
  • Events and demonstrations throughout the year
  • The castle is open to the public for guided tours, an unmissable opportunity to discover the history, mystery and beauty of this enchanted place.
Come and have an unforgettable experience at Fosdinovo Castle!

The Luni Excavations: a journey to ancient Rome among ruins and legends!

On the border between Liguria and Tuscany, the Luni Excavations offer a unique look at the Roman era. This ancient port, founded in the 2nd century B.C., was a bustling commercial and cultural center due to its strategic location for maritime traffic.

Strolling through the ruins of the amphitheater, forum and temples, we re-enact the daily life of its ancient inhabitants. Legend has it that an immense treasure is buried here, guarded by the spirits of the ancient Romans.

In addition to history, Luni enchants with its scenic beauty, offering views of the Apuan Alps and the Ligurian Sea. The site includes an archaeological museum with unique artifacts and organizes guided tours and cultural events.

The Luni Excavations represent an unforgettable experience for those who love history, archaeology and nature, offering a plunge into antiquity between past and legend. A not-to-be-missed event to explore the evidence of a civilization that made its mark on history.


Cinque Terre: a picturesque jewel!

The Cinque Terre is a stretch of coastline in Liguria, Italy, famous for its five picturesque villages perched high above the sea. An area of incomparable beauty, characterized by sheer cliffs, enchanting beaches and lush vegetation.

The five boroughs:

Riomaggiore: The easternmost village in the Cinque Terre, famous for its colorful houses and lively atmosphere.
Manarola: A fishing village with a picturesque harbor and breathtaking sea views.
Corniglia: The only village in the Cinque Terre that cannot be reached directly from the sea, situated on a sheer promontory.
Vernazza: An ancient village with a medieval castle and a striking Romanesque church.
Monterosso al Mare: The westernmost village in the Cinque Terre, famous for its sandy beach and lemon trees.
What to do in Cinque Terre:

Visit the villages: Stroll through the cobblestone streets, admire the colorful houses and typical small stores.
Hiking: The paths connecting the villages offer breathtaking views of the sea and Cinque Terre.
Go by boat: A boat tour is a great way to see the Cinque Terre from a different perspective.
Relax at the beach: The Cinque Terre offers several beaches where you can relax and sunbathe.
Taste the local cuisine: Ligurian cuisine is rich in flavors and aromas, with dishes based on fresh fish, pesto and focaccia.


Versilia: a mosaic of golden beaches, fascinating history and genuine flavors

Versilia, nestled on the Tuscan coast north of Lucca, is an area with a thousand faces. Discover golden beaches lapped by crystal-clear waters, medieval villages that whisper ancient stories, and a culinary art that will win your palate.

A paradise of beaches:

Historic Versilia, with renowned resorts such as Forte dei Marmi, Pietrasanta, Marina di Pietrasanta, Lido di Camaiore, and Viareggio, is famous for its fine sandy beaches. Equipped bathing establishments and stretches of free beach provide the ideal setting for days of relaxation and fun in the sun.

A journey through time:

Immerse yourself in the rich history of Versilia. Pietrasanta, a true open-air museum, is home to works by masters such as Michelangelo and Botticelli. In Camaiore, the historic Villa Montebello, home of Elisa Bonaparte, takes you back in time.

An experience for the palate:

Versilia will delight you with its genuine and refined cuisine. Enjoy cacciucco, a rich stew of fresh fish, delicate rice cake, and buccellato, a typical dessert flavored with aniseed.

Beyond the sea:

Versilia is not only beaches. For culture lovers, the art cities of Pietrasanta and Camaiore offer a dip into the past. Hiking enthusiasts will find scenic trails in the surrounding hills, while golfers can try their hand at the prestigious courses of Versilia.

A territory to be discovered:

Come to Versilia and be enchanted by its multifaceted character. Book your stay, choosing between the elegance of VIP beach resorts or the typical atmosphere of historic villages. Don’t miss the chance to savor the delicious local cuisine and have an unforgettable experience.

Versilia is waiting for you!

Carrara: The city of white marble, but not only! A jewel among the Apuan Alps: Carrara, nestled in the foothills of the Apuan Alps, boasts a millennia-long history related to the extraction of white marble, known and appreciated since Roman times. Its name evokes images of majestic quarries, sinuous sculptures, and a city shaped by this precious material. Marble, the undisputed protagonist: The white marble of Carrara, with its unmistakable grayish veining and almost ethereal luminosity, gave birth to such immortal masterpieces as Michelangelo’s Pieta and Donatello’s David. Even today, Carrara’s quarries still fuel the imagination of artists and architects around the world. A treasure to be discovered: Carrara’s historic center winds through cobblestone alleys and charming squares, embellished with white marble buildings such as the Duomo, the Ducal Palace, and the Academy of Fine Arts. A true open-air museum that culminates in the Marble Museum, where you can admire a rich collection of sculptures and works of art that tell the thousand-year history of this material. Carrara’s beauty does not end with its quarries and monuments. The surroundings offer breathtaking mountain landscapes, medieval villages perched on hillsides and historic villas nestled in the quiet Tuscan countryside. A unique destination that offers a perfect blend of history, art, culture and nature. A journey of discovery of white marble and its infinite shades will leave you breathless.

Events and Places not to be missed:
Massa: The city of Malaspina and marble

Massa, located in northwestern Tuscany, is a city rich in history and culture. Dominated by the Apuan Alps and overlooking the Ligurian Sea, Massa offers a fascinating blend of art, nature and flavor.

A plunge into history:

Massa boasts an illustrious history dating back to the Middle Ages. It was under the rule of the Malaspina family of feudal lords that the town experienced a period of great splendor. The Malaspina Castle, erected in the 12th century, still dominates the historic center and is a true architectural jewel.

Significant artistic legacy:

Massa is rich in artistic evidence of great value. The Duomo, with its white Carrara marble facade, houses works by important artists such as Andrea del Sarto and Pontormo. The Ducal Palace, former residence of the Malaspina family, is a magnificent example of Baroque architecture and now houses the Civic Museum, with a rich collection of paintings, sculptures, and art objects.

Nature and relaxation:

Massa is immersed in a naturalistic setting of rare beauty. The Apuan Alps, with their striking peaks and scenic trails, offer nature lovers the opportunity for unforgettable hiking and trekking. The crystal clear sea of the Ligurian Sea, with its sandy beaches and bathing establishments, is ideal for those who want a vacation of relaxation and fun.

Flavors to be discovered:

Massa’s cuisine is rich in genuine flavors and typical products. Pesto alla massese, with its fresh basil and Tuscan pine nuts, is a real delicacy. Focaccia, rice cake, and panigacci are just some of the must-try dishes to savor the true soul of the local culinary tradition.

Events not to be missed:

Massa in Fiore: An event held every year in spring, with the city transformed into a veritable flower garden.
Palio dei Quartieri: An ancient historical reenactment held annually in August, with the city’s four neighborhoods competing in various contests.


Discover the Secret Paradise of Campocecina: A Unique Experience in the Apuan Alps!

Welcome to Campocecina, the hidden treasure of the Apuan Alps! Imagine a place where time stands still, where wild nature meets authentic Italian beauty. Campocecina is this and much more: it is the retreat you’ve always wanted, an oasis of peace and serenity nestled among towering mountain peaks.

For adventure lovers, Campocecina offers a plethora of possibilities. Climb the vertical rocks of the Apuan Alps or explore hidden caves, accompanied by local guides who will take you on an unforgettable journey through the unique geological history of this region. And if you like to immerse yourself in nature, walk the scenic trails through centuries-old chestnut forests and flower-filled alpine pastures as you are enchanted by the breathtaking beauty that surrounds you.

But Campocecina is not only for adventurers: it is also for those who love good food! Enjoy local specialties, such as freshly baked chestnut focaccia or local artisanal cheeses. And what could be better than an outdoor meal at sunset, with the mountain peaks tinged with fiery red? An unforgettable experience!

And when it comes time to rest your head, Campocecina offers cozy accommodations. Choose from bed and breakfasts run by local families or rustic but charming mountain lodges that offer breathtaking panoramic views of a landscape that looks like something out of a postcard.

In short, Campocecina is much more than a tourist destination: it is an experience, an adventure, a journey into the heart of the Apuan Alps. Discover the secret paradise that awaits you and be enchanted by the magic of Campocecina.

Aronta รจ quel ch'al ventre li s'atterga,
That in the mountains of Luni, where it hums
The Carrarese who below dwells

Had among ' white marbles the cave
For his abode; whence to gaze upon the stars
And 'l mar no li era la veduta tronca.

Dante Alighieri
The Divine Comedy
Inferno, Canto XX

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